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HP Laserjet M570

HP Laserjet M570

The HP LaserJet M177 printer uses the Laser technology to perform the print operation. The maximum print resolution offered by this printer is 600 * 600 dpi. Copy, scan, and fax are the other feature offered by this printer. To know how to perform the print, copy, and scan operations using the HP LaserJet M177 printer, scroll down this page.


  • Install the printer driver on the computer to set up the connection between the devices.
  • Add the HP printer to the printers list on the computer.
  • Load the paper for printing in any of the paper trays.
  • Open the document you want to print and click the Print icon on the application.
  • When the Print properties window opens up, set the paper size, paper source, orientation, number of copies, print color, and other basic print settings.
  • If you are printing on both sides, enable duplex printing / 2-sided printing and make the necessary settings.
  • Save the settings and proceed to print.


  • Connect the scanner and your computer and then install the scanner driver on the computer.
  • Load the document on the platen glass or in the Document feeder.
  • If you have multiple sheets to scan, it is better to use the Document feeder.
  • Launch the HP scanning program on the computer.
  • There are different scan options from which you have to choose one.
  • Configure the scan settings such as scan size, output type, resolution, file type, etc.
  • Under Advanced Scan settings, you can set the brightness, contrast, file size, and destination.
  • Once the settings are made, preview the scanning document and continue to scan.


  • If you want to make copies of a document or photo, load it into the Document feeder or on the scanner glass.
  • On the printer’s control panel, press the Home button to view the home screen.
  • Tap the Copy icon and select either Black or Color to copy in black or get the print copy in color.
  • For copying both sides, load the document with the front face on top into the feeder.
  • After selecting Copy, choose Settings > Two-Sided and then proceed to copy.


Step-1: Unboxing

  • Take out the printer from the carton and place it on a stable surface.
  • Look for the other printer accessories such as power cord, installation CD, and user manuals in the box and keep them safe.
  • Now, remove all the orange packaging tapes and protective materials from the printer.
  • Lift the document feeder and remove the packaging tapes and sheets.
  • Open the right cover, remove the protective materials from the inside, and then close it.
  • Now, draw out the tray 2 and remove the shipping lock and protective materials.

Step-2: Feed paper in the tray 2

  • Slide the paper length and the paper width guides according to the paper size you are loading.
  • Neatly arrange the paper in the tray.
  • See that you do not feed more paper than the tray full indicator.
  • Carefully push the tray into the printer.

Step-3: Network cable connection

  • Skip the step if you are using the USB or wireless connection.
  • Get a network cable and connect it between the printer’s network port and the router’s LAN port.

Step-4: Fax connection

Take the telephone line cable from the wall jack and connect it to the LINE port on the printer’s rear side.

Step-5: Power connection

  • Take the power cord supplied with the printer to connect it between the power connection port on the printer and a wall socket.
  • On the control panel, press the Power button to start the printer.
  • If you have connected the network cable, the network assigns an IP address to the printer
  • When the printer display panel turns on, tap the Setup icon followed by the System Setup menu.
  • Set the language, date/time, and energy settings of the printer.

Step-6: Software installation

  • Once the physical setup is complete, install the printer software on your computer.
  • The printer software helps to manage and control the printer from the computer.


The printer driver is provided on the installation CD supplied during the purchase, and it is also available online. Learn to download the printer driver from the below steps.

  • Download the HP printer driver from this page.
  • Otherwise, visit the official HP support website using a browser.
  • Search for the printer model to go to its support page.
  • On the support page, click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab at the left end.
  • Now, choose the operating system and the version from the drop-down list and click Change.
  • Select the driver download link beside the required driver to start downloading.
  • Once the download completes, save the driver file on the computer.


  • Either download the printer driver or insert the installation CD to get the printer driver on the computer.
  • Open the installer to start the installation.
  • The printer setup wizard window opens up. Click Continue and choose your preferred language.
  • Read the license agreement and accept it.
  • Select a destination to install the software and click Continue.
  • Next, select the type of installation you want to perform. 
  • Select the software to install, then click Install.
  • The installation progress status can be seen on the screen.
  • Once the installation is complete, click Continue and proceed to add the printer. 


  • Run the printer software to start the wireless connection setup process on the computer.
  • Follow the instructions and respond accordingly.
  • Once the printer detects the Wireless network to which the computer is connected, the wireless network credentials appear on the screen.
  • Tick the checkbox of ‘Enable HP Auto Wireless Connect’ to turn on auto-connect and then click Continue.
  • Complete the full setup by following the instructions.


  • Turn on the Wi-Fi router and connect your computer to it.
  • Note down the network name and password to establish the connection.
  • Open the printer driver file on the computer to begin the installation.
  • When the setup wizard window opens, click Continue.
  • Complete the software installation on the screen.
  • Choose the printer model. If the model is not present, click My printer is Not shown to find the printer.
  • If the printer is not found, select Wireless network as the connection method.
  • Select the Laserjet printer and select the Wireless connection setup method.
  • Once the printer detects the Wi-Fi network, save the settings and follow the guided instruction.


When the paper jam occurs in the printer, the relevant error message also appears on the printer’s display panel. From the message, identify the location of the paper jam.

Jam in the right door

  • Open the right door of the printer and remove the jammed paper carefully using both hands.
  • If the paper is stuck in the output bin, pull it downwards to remove it. 
  • Now, open the paper feed cover on the right door and check for the paper to remove it.
  • Close the paper feed cover.
  • If you find any paper in the pickup area, remove it.
  • If the paper is stuck in the tray 2 roller area, move the green sliders to free the jammed paper and then replace the sliders.
  • If you find the paper stuck inside the fuser, hold the fuser by the ends and lift it. Wear a pair of gloves before you touch the fuser because it becomes hot when the printer operates.
  • Open the jam access door and take out the paper jammed, including the small fragments.
  • Replace the fuser in the printer and close the right door.


If you are facing any issue while scanning, the following steps will help you resolve it.

  • Check if the printer and the computer are connected to the same network.
  • Make sure you have installed the scanner software on the computer properly. If the printer driver is corrupted, uninstall the driver and install it again.
  • When the problem occurs while scanning to email, verify the server settings and configuration of the email account added to the printer.
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