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HP Office Jet 200 Printer Setup

The HP Office Jet 200 Printer Setup

The HP Officejet 200 printer is designed to make it easy for the users to perform printing job from wherever they need. This powerful portable printer can deliver amazing printing output without the need for any network router. It performs wireless mobile printing and borderless printing. This portable printer features HP ePrint and Wireless Direct printing. It is capable of offering great quality output with amazing performance. This compact and durable printer fits anywhere in your car, backpack, and more. It comes with a long-lasting battery, thus reducing interruptions due to low battery. It lets you charge from home, office, or in your car. This device suits the telecommuters and mobile professionals who wish for a high-quality and reliable printer that they can carry anywhere. Scroll down this page to get procedure for HP office jet 200 printer setup.


How To Copy?

The HP Officejet 200 printer does not support the Copy function.

How To Print?

To print photos or documents from your mobile devices (tablets or smartphones), go to the HP Mobile Printing website. To print the documents from your Windows computer, follow the given steps below.

    • Place the suitable media in the tray.
    • Open the document you wish to print and go to the File menu.
    • Choose the Print option.
    • Now, a Print window displays on your PC’s screen.
    • In this window, choose your printer (HP Officejet 200 printer).
    • Specify the page range. Then select the desired number of copies to print.
    • Choose the option to open the Properties window. Here, set up the print quality and layout options.
    • Choose the Ok option to confirm the settings. The Properties window exits immediately.
    • Click on Print. If the Print option is not available, select the Ok option.

    How To Scan?

    The Scan feature is not supported in the HP Officejet 200 printer.

    HP office jet 200 driver settings

    The new HP Officejet 200 printer needs a driver to perform its assigned tasks from a computer. Get the compatible driver from this site. Use the below instructions to download the driver from this site and get the >HP office jet 200 driver setup.

    • Find the Driver Download button on this page.
    • Once you click the button, the suitable printer driver will be downloaded.
    • You can also visit the official support page of your printer and download the printer driver.

    HP office jet 200 download:

    • Locate the Manual Download button and click it.
    • The user manual for your printer will be downloaded as a PDF file.

    HP office jet 200 installation settings:

    • Locate the driver installer that you have downloaded on your computer. Otherwise, insert the printer installation CD to begin the installation.
    • Run the installer and the driver installation wizard opens on your PC. This wizard contains a list of instructions that will pop-up one after another.
    • Go with the on-screen prompts. During the installation process, choose the connection type for your printer. Select either Wireless or Wired as the connection type and complete the remaining on-screen instructions.
    • Once the HP office jet 200 driver setup has been completed, print a test page from your computer.

    HP office jet 200 scanning issues

    The HP Officejet 200 printer does not support the scanning feature. If your printer encounters any other problems, contact us. Our technical team will resolve the issue.

HP office jet 200 paper jam issues

The paper might get jammed in various locations on your printer. If the paper jam error occurs, it is very important to clear it as early as possible.

  • First, take out the papers from both the input tray and the output slot.
  • Now, check if there are any jammed media inside the output slot or input tray. If present, slowly pull it out without tearing.
  • If it is not coming out, then it might have jammed in the printing area. So, use these steps to remove the jammed media from there.
  • Open the cartridge access door of the printer and remove all the visible paper.
  • After removing the jammed media, close the cartridge access door.
  • Make sure all the jammed media is cleared from the printer. If the jammed media is not removed completely, then it will result in more paper jam issues.

HP office jet 200 wireless settings

Before starting the wireless setup, ensure the following:

  • See if the wireless network is set up and it is working properly.
  • The PC is connected to the same network.

How to set up the printer on a wireless connection?

  • Make use of the HP office jet 200 wireless setup Wizard to set up the printer over a wireless network.
  • Go to your HP Officejet 200 printer’s control panel and press Home.
  • Tap on Network, select Wireless Settings, and press Wireless Setup Wizard. The printer checks if there are any available wireless networks.
  • Use the arrow button to choose your wireless network. Then press Ok.
  • Enter the network password when prompted. Press Ok.
  • Once the printer gets connected to the wireless network, the wireless LED will be turned on.

HP office jet 200 USB settings

Establish a USB connection for your HP Officejet 200 printer during the driver installation. Download the driver from this site using the instructions given on this site under the HP office jet 200 driver setup topic. Follow the below steps and install the driver.

  • Open the driver file on your PC.
  • Follow the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.
  • Choose the connection type as USB when prompted.
  • Connect the computer and printer using a USB cable and perform the remaining steps in the installation wizard.

If the printer is already connected over a wireless network and you need to change it to USB, then follow the steps below.

  • Take the USB cable and simply connect it between your printer and the computer.
  • That’s all. The USB connection has been established.

For assistance on HP office jet 200 printer setup, tap on click to call to contact us.