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HP OfficeJet Pro 5740 printer settings

Hp Office Jet Pro 5740

HP OfficeJet Pro 5740 is a compact, all-in-one, wireless printer ideal for the home use. It can perform the print, scan, copy, and fax operations and also supports mobile printing. Read the below steps that help to configure your HP Office Jet Pro 5740 printer settings.

Step-1: Unpacking

  • Unbox the printer and place it on a stable surface.
  • Now, look for the other printer accessories such as power cord, ink cartridges, user manuals, and installation CD in the box.
  • Remove all the packaging tapes and protective materials from the printer.
  • Open the scanner lid, remove the protective cover, and close it.
  • Lift the ink cartridge access lid and remove the protective tapes and materials.
  • Close the cartridge access lid and then draw the input tray outwards.
  • Separate the output tray, remove all the protective materials from the photo tray, and push in the photo tray alone.
  • Move the paper edge guides on the input tray towards the end and remove the tapes and covers.
  • Place the paper output tray on the paper tray and close the input tray.

Step-2: Connecting the power cord

  • Use the power cord supplied during the purchase to connect the printer to the wall outlet.
  • Power on the printer and then set the language, country, and date & time on the control panel.

Step-3: Feeding paper in the input tray

  • Draw out the input tray, insert the photo tray as much as possible, and push the paper guides outwards.
  • Neatly, place the paper in the input tray such that the print side is facing down.
  • Shift the paper guides to touch the paper edges, but do not make it too tight.
  • Slowly push the input tray inside until it gets locked. If the paper tray is not closed properly, you could face the paper jam issue later while printing.
  • Modify the paper settings on the printer’s control panel.

Step-4: Installing the ink cartridges

    • When the message “Change Ink” appears on the display panel, touch it. Even if the message did not appear, continue with the steps.
    • Lift the cartridge access door and keep it open.
    • The message “Change Ink” will appear again. Now, unpack one of the new ink cartridges.
    • Peel off the orange protective film and then insert the cartridge in a slightly upward angle into its slot.
    • When the cartridge locks in its position, you will hear a click sound.
    • In the same way, install the other cartridge and close the cartridge access door.
    • Following that, set the print settings on the control panel.

    Step-5: Software installation

    • Once the printer’s hardware setup is complete, install the printer driver on your computer.
    • The printer driver is available on the installation CD and the official HP support page then you can easily configure your HP Office Jet Pro 5740 printer settings.
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