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HP Pagewide Xl 5100

How To Perform HP Pagewide XL 5100 Setup?

HP Pagewide XL 5100 uses four ink cartridges (cyan, black, magenta, and yellow) for printing. Its maximum speed is 20 D/A1 pages/min. To perform the HP Pagewide XL 5100 setup, refer to the procedure given on this page.

Unpack Your HP Printer

Take the HP Pagewide XL 5100 printer out of the box. Ensure that the essential contents are included in the printer box. Make sure to clear the tapes from the outside of the printer. Also, you have to remove the protective materials from the inside of the printer.

Install The Ink Cartridges

Unpack one of the ink cartridges and shake it well. Place and push the unpacked ink cartridge in the slot. Likewise, install the remaining ink cartridges in their slots correctly.

Install The Print Head

Press the side button to raise the top cover. Once you open the print-bar cover, lift the printhead handle followed by the latch. Take out the printhead from the package and remove the protective caps. Place the printhead correctly. Perform the same to insert the remaining printheads. Lower the latch followed by the handle. Close the printer’s top cover.

Load Paper Into The Drawer

Open the paper drawer and release the locking levers. Move both the hubs outwards. Now, place the paper roll between both the hubs. Slide the hubs against the paper. Make sure the paper roll fits correctly in the drawer and then close the locking levers followed by the paper drawer. Now, proceed with the HP Pagewide XL 5100 printer setup process.

Turn On Your HP Printer

Connect the power cable between the printer’s rear port and a power outlet. Locate the Power button on the front panel and press it to turn on the printer. Wait until the printer initializes and follow the steps on the display panel to set your preferences.

Install The Printer Software

Place the product CD in your computer’s CD drive. Once the wizard starts, carry out the on-screen steps to install the printer software. Instead of using the product CD, you can even download the printer software from the HP page. After finishing the HP Pagewide XL 5100 setup, you can perform various printer functions.