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HP Sprocket x7n07a Setup

How To Configure HP Sprocket x7n07a Setup?

HP Sprocket x7n07a is a tiny yet convenient printer designed especially for printing from smartphones or tablets. The device can be connected to iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which will enable you to print up to 30 photos per charge. The printer can produce a print at an average time of 42 seconds per 2-by-3 print. The Power button and the Reset button are the only two controls on the device, enabling a quick and hassle-free HP Sprocket x7n07a setup for its users. 


Follow the steps to set up the HP Sprocket x7n07a printer.

  • Unpack the HP Sprocket x7n07a printer and remove all protective tapes.
  • Check the package’s following components: the setup card, HP Zink Sticky-Backed photo paper, and the USB cable.
  • Charge the printer by connecting the USB cable to it and the other end of the line to an adapter. Connect the adapter to the power outlet.
  • The LED on the printer flashes red while charging and turns green when the printer is fully set. 
  • On your smartphone or tab, open a web browser and go to hpsprocket.com.
  • Download the HP Sprocket mobile application.
  • Unpack the HP Sticky-Backed photo paper; the pack contains ten photo paper sheets with a removable sticky back and a calibration card.
  • To load papers, slide the top cover of the printer to the full extent. 
  • Load the paper’s sticky side downwards with the calibration card on the bottom and the barcode side down, and attach the printer’s top cover. Make sure not to load more than ten sheets. Move on to the next step for HP Sprocket x7n07a setup.

    • Hold the Power button for 3 to 4 seconds to turn the printer ON.
    • Now, you need to connect the HP printer to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
    • Navigate to Settings on your smartphone, select Bluetooth, and choose to HP Sprocket x7n07a printer.
    • Touch Allow to pair the device and wait for the HP Sprocket app to open.
    • You can check the printer’s status on the side-bar of the printer. The green dot and the Ready status indicate that your printer and the smartphone are paired. 
    • Tap on the photo you want to print and touch Print. 
    • The calibration card prints first on your first print with a new set of paper, and the printed photo follows.
    • Once printed, you can remove the back of the photo paper and stick the photo to any surface.
    • You’ve completed the HP Sprocket x7n07a setup. Contact us for any assistance.