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Connect the HP printer to your Windows.

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HP printer is supported in the following versions: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP.
To connect the HP printer to your Windows you have to connect it to the network wirelessly or using Ethernet/USB.
The Hp printer is functioned in windows using the Windows build-in solution. This is because the printer driver is already built in the Windows operating system.

Connecting the printer to the network:

  • Go to setup.
  • Choose Network or Wireless Menu.
  • Touch Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Before you go any further make sure you know the name (SSID) and password (WEP/WPA) of your network. If you can’t remember what it is you can always reach the person who set the network for you.
  • Choose your wireless network name.
  • Enter in your password.
  • Your printer will be connected to the network shortly. You may print a test report to confirm
    There’s no need to install the printer driver for Windows separately. The printer driver is installed automatically when you update the Windows software.
  • Head on to Windows search tool.
  • Click on Start.
  • On search menu bar type change device installation.
  • Device installation window opens.
  • Select for the option that says update automatically.
  • Hit save changes.

Printer driver installation:

  • Go to start.
  • Type in add printer on the search menu bar.
  • A new window opens which asks which type of printer you want to install.
  • If you opt for a network connection then select the option that says Add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Click on use an existing port.
  • Hit next.
  • But if you opt for USB connection Add a local printer.
  • Select your printer name.
  • Select next.
  • A new window appears that says install the printer driver.
  • Click on windows update tab.
  • A list of printer manufacturers appear, select HP or Hewlett Packard.
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